Over 700 hours. That’s how much time the average human spend on social media each year. The numbers aren’t going down as these platform become more addictive, thanks to AI.

If you could spend only half of that time on social media and do really productive work the other half, imagine how much you would accomplish in a single year. Without a single knowledge of coding prior, you could learn to program Python in a year.

So, how do you win this war? Or at the least, how to you restrict yourself from using social media as often?

James Clear have an excellent strategy. He wrote that he asked his assistant to change his social media passwords every Monday and log him out of all devices (an option on your account security page).

Without a way to log in, he was unable to check the media all week. On Friday, his assistant would disclose the passwords to him. Then, he can binge on Twitter all weekend, up till Monday.

Try this with a trusted friend or an accountability partner.