What did you do well? What would you have done better? And what did you learn from all that happened in the past few months?

Reflections are essential for growth. At times though, it seems like a waste of time for people that are constantly looking for things to do. But taking the time to perform this silent ritual can change a lot. It helps us know when to revisit the sketchbooks or forge ahead.

Notwithstanding, like most other actions that we take, reflection can become habitual and over-practiced. Daily reflections over every choice made could be regarded as overthinking. In James Clear’s words, “is like looking at yourself in the mirror from an inch away.” You see yourself so well but lose sight of the room.

To see the bigger picture, allow yourself to act spontaneously on most everyday choices. Then collate your choices and reflect on them weekly, monthly, and/or annually.

And no matter what, keep an eye on the big picture and never lose yourself to the details.