My grandmother used a cliché whenever she finds dozens of her grandchildren busying about a task without making significant progress. Translated to English, she’d say “many legs on the ground but no steps made.”

Individually, we get busy with too many things, shuffling between tasks without making any actual progress.

We read books on how to start a business, brainstorm business names, and even go as far as registering a business name. But we are taking the pains to wrote the required codes to bring the business to reality. We just don’t get around to launching the product that serves customers and bring money into the business.

In another instance, we read one sales books after the other but never get around to making that call, scheduling that meeting with a potential client, or sending that proposal.

The books you read, the research and brainstorming that we do are all motions. But the actual step that brings all the knowledge and strategies that we have built to life is the action that changes everything. That is what really matters.

According to James Clear, motion makes you feel like you’re making progress without running the risks of failure while in the real sense it is delaying failure. Actions bring you closer to reality. Take action today, every day.