A graphic designer, writer, cartoonist, editor, or marketing guru. We are all masters in our craft and we are excited to earn a living doing the things we know how to do best.

But then, we want to earn more money. We believe that our time is worth more. So, we are troubled over where and when we will get our next big client. But until a good-paying client comes around, we invest ourselves and time in mediocre projects.

Craft is just one of the seven hundred facets of a business. And the more invested you are in a craft, the lower your chances of running a successful business around it.

How would you win more high-paying clients if you spend so much time obsessing about the details of your design? How can you ensure good service delivery when all you think about is running the most successful marketing campaign?

If truly you want to run a business as you wish you did, you must make the hard decision of trusting others to take care of the everyday tasks. It’s hard to trust others to create as well as you would, but you’ve to choose between being a craftsman and a businessman.